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Car servicing is essential if you want to keep your vehicle on the road. When you need a professional for your car servicing, trust the experts at Streetcars of Crewe. We offer a range of different service levels to match your budget and servicing needs to ensure your car remains in peak condition.

We service any make or model of car and because we are independent, we can offer great value for money. Our service centre is fully equipped and our highly trained staff will provide help and assistance whatever your vehicle type.

Our range of services include:

MOT Preparation & MOT Testing

Failing an MOT can be avoided by the right preparation work before submitting your car. If you have recently received a failure notice, we can bring your vehicle back up to standards and get you back on the road fast. We offer competitive MOT testing in Crewe for all makes and models.

Brake Checks

Car brakes should be checked regularly and are one of the areas where most cars fail their MOT test. It is important to keep your brakes as close to the manufacturers recommended specifications as possible to ensure optimum performance. We check the wear on your brake pads, shoes, discs and drums and offer competitive.

Airbag Checks

The majority of cars on our roads today are equipped with a safety system to protect the driver and passengers in the unfortunate event of an accident. It is most important to have the SRS (Supplementary Restraint System) checked out on diagnostic computer equipment to identify the problem. If the warning light is illuminated, the airbags may not deploy in the event of an accident, leading to serious injuries to the vehicles' occupants.

Vehicle Servicing

We provide full vehicle service facilities at very competitive rates in our car service centre in Crewe. We pride ourselves on our excellent range of services and our trained mechanics will be happy to answer all of your questions regardless of your vehicle make or model.

Engine Faults

If your vehicle has starting problems, high fuel consumption, idle problems, high emissions or general running concerns, we can diagnose and repair the fault.

ABS Faults

The primary function of the ABS braking system is to stop the vehicle in the shortest distance possible, whilst allowing the driver maximum vehicle control under heavy braking situations. The ABS dash light should go out once the vehicle has started if it does not the system has detected a fault and the light will either stay on or flash whist driving. Our latest sophisticated computer diagnostic machines will be able to interrogate the ABS system, check the signals from each wheel and identify any errors causing illumination of the ABS light.

For all your car servicing needs contact Streetcars of Crewe for a host of professional services at affordable prices.

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